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Table extract the Guide Hachette des Vins & copy; Hachette Livre

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The vintages

All quality wines are vintage with the exception of liqueur wines, some champagnes and natural sweet wines made by Assembly of several years.In this case, the quality of the product depends on the talent of the assembler; generally the assembled wine is superior to each of its components, but it is advisable to age these bottles.

What a great vintage?

Born of a great vintage wine turns focused and balanced. It is usually, but not mandatory, low yields and early harvest. In all cases, it has been developed from perfectly healthy grapes, free of rot.

Which vintages to drink now?

The wines evolve differently depending on whether they are born of a year gloomy or sunny, but also According to their name, their hierarchy within this appellation, their wine, their animal husbandry; the quality and duration of their ageing also depends on the cellar where they are stored.
The rating of the vintage table concerns good wines, at their peak; It does not integrate the current evolution of the older vintages. It does take into account neither wines nor the exceptional vintages.

An excerpt of the Guide Hachette des Vins & copy; Hachette Livre